Are you busy?

You want to stay ahead of the curve. But you struggle to find dedicated time for learning, right? You are not alone!

I asked a question to those who enrolled in but haven’t finished the Satellite course:

“What was the main factor that prevented you from finishing the course?”


If you are one of these 84.8% people, LISTEN UP!

I challenge you to spend 10-15 minutes every day on learning.

That’s right, only 10-15 minutes a day, micro dose of learning. You could do it on your commute, or in early mornings, or during lunch breaks. Whatever works for you. But if you could do it consistently over a month or longer, you’ll be amazed by your progress — while still taking care of your busy schedule!

How to Join?

Step 1: Enroll

Enroll in one of my Prototyping courses. If you have enrolled before, you are in!

Step 2: Set a reminder

Set a recurring reminder on your calendar. You want to do it every day this month. But just 15 minutes, not a big deal, right?

Step 3: Learn!

Finish at least one video (or assignment) a day. The videos are 5-8 minutes long.

When you finish a video or assignment, remember to click the green “Complete and continue” button at the top. Your progress will be recorded and counted towards the competition.

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Awards 🏆

1 Winner ($299 value)

  • Prototyping with React + Framer: Starship ($299 value)

9 Finalists

  • A really good discount on courses

All Challengers

  • 20% Off the first year of Framer subscription (new users only)

Winner selection criteria

It’s very objective. Just look at the leaderboard. Challengers are ranked by the total number of days they’ve learned, the longest streak and the number of lectures completed.

Alright! Join here and have fun! 🥳🎉🍻

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