Student Testimonials

Thanks for the course, I learned a lot and I never expected to be able to get to such a point in about a bit more than a month. I basically started from 0 knowledge about it.
Edoardo Fusaro
UX designer, Adidas
I’ve seriously learned 10x more in the last 4 weeks than in the last 8 months trying to learn Framer on my own, also quite a bit of React as a bonus. These 4 weeks will really stay with me for a long time! "
Kevin Cannon
Product Designer, Pitch
Linton’s tutorials are constructed very thoughtfully and string concepts together in a clear and useful way. Well worth the money and time investment to kick-start understanding how to work with both Framer-X and a good introduction to React.
Ryder Booth
UX Lead, Cisco
The closer a designer is to the actual customer experience the better.

The videos are the perfect intro for designers looking to get a better understanding of React so they can take their designs to the next level. The courses are very easy to follow and give you all the tools you need to jump right in, see results fast, and understand how it all works.

Joshua Ulm
Group Vice President of Design, Oracle
Linton has a radical vision about design and development collaborations. Many tried before him, but none of them has Linton’s unique mix of skill, coherence, generosity and humor that comes across in every tutorial, video or code component he publishes.

Linton has a radical vision, and it’s contagious.

Mushon Zer-Aviv
VP Design & UX,
Being a designer in the tech industry has opened my world to new tools and technologies. Learning React is something I've always wanted to learn and incorporate into my tool set, but I didn't know how.

Linton's program is simple to follow, with the content divided in a thoughtful manner. With this training, I feel very well rounded in my technical abilities as a designer today.

Carley Cooper
Designer, Architech
Linton is truly a great teacher. I came in having some front-end experience under my belt, but not with React. Linton does a great job explaining his thinking and communicating the lessons in a way that is most beneficial to the student. This is definitely worth the money if you enjoy React, FramerX, or want to improve your skills!
Nick Hart
Designer, Mondo Robot
One of the few Framer X courses that goes into the details of code overrides and code components. Linton is easy to follow and I especially liked how he explained how to animate with async/await. Great content, highly recommended!
Erik Drouhard
Senior Visual UX Designer, Nuance Communications
Learnt a lot with this lesson about Framer X and React. I acquired tips and original advice about this new design tool. But what’s really pleasant was that we learnt while having fun as the same time. Not only was the lesson interesting but Sensei Linton took his time to answer all of our questions.
Yin-Ho Chong
UX Designer, Thales Digital Factory
The learning experience with Linton is something magical, simple examples, great explanations, React is my friend now!
Tony Sciantarelli
Sr. UX Designer, Marriott International
Linton has built a really great course on React for designers. For one, you get the feeling that he's just a nice guy (of course - he's Canadian! :) - he doesn't talk down to you in the course or use a bunch of needless jargon, and he makes himself available for questions.

He's broken React down into bite-size chunks, using fun graphics and animations to illustrate key points (which as visual learners designers will appreciate). The course is well thought out and structured, including exercises in a coding environment that has everything set up for React.

Heidi Merscher
UI Designer, Magma Digital
Besides the knowledge to create high-fidelity prototypes with React and Framer this course opens your mind for interdisciplinary thinking when it comes to code and design.
Mustafa Alic
CTO, AWARE GmbH (Vienna, Austria)
If learning code is your nemesis like me, you should give Linton’s online course a shot. It helps me make a smooth painless entry to the world of coding.

As a UX / UI Designer I need to have understanding on the environment where the final product build, not so that I can code them myself, but so I can figure out the possibility and features that available so that I can design the product better. Being a designer for 30 years and never touch a single code, learning to code is my all time nemesis, until I found Linton’s Learn react online course.

To be honest it took me a couple of weeks of hesitation to start my subscription. But after signup I’m so glad that I did. Linton’s teaching really do presented with designer in mind. It helps me passed my mental blocking of learning code.

Dicky Juwono
UX designer
My team at IQVIA was introduced to FramerX as the tool that would bridge the gap between designers and the dev team. However, I wasn’t too familiar with React and so I began looking for courses that were simple to follow. Most of them required me to have a lot of dev skills.

When I found the Framer + React course from Linton, I was really amazed. He explains concepts using simple story analogies and I can follow them easily. He also includes sample files with instructions how to modify them. Plus, he has small tests at the end of each lesson. It was very valuable in gaining knowledge of React and Framer X.

Vince Kodikal
Product Designer, IQVIA
Learning react was always intimidating for me. Linton’s courses are exactly what I was looking for. The courses are easy to follow with great examples and would highly recommend for any designer wanting to get into react.
George Otsubo
Senior product designer, ClassPass
The learning experience with Linton is something magical, simple examples, great explanations, React is my friend now!
Dominik Stec
Senior Designer
Linton really knows how to explain the basics and the essentials of programming to non-technical designers like me. His FramerX and React101 videos show practical examples that helped me tremendously.
Charlene Chen
UX Designer, Twitch
Linton's course empowers designers to help make foundational decisions that can make or break web and native apps. React has become ubiquitous as a Javascript framework and thanks to this course, I'm more capable than ever of building my own products.
Kyle Werstein
Founder, Verdant Records
I think learning should be fun and challenging and Linton Ye delivers that experience.
Pablo Aguilar
UX Consultant, Bravo TV, NBC Universal
This course is great at explaining react concept with visuals. The course is indeed different from other react course, it focusses on design more. I feel the combination of video, visuals, quizzes, the community help me learning react.
Patrick Multani
Product Designer
I learned a lot from Linton’s React course. It’s not one of those courses where they just let you type along, only explaining the syntax. He explains some important concepts and foundamentals very well, makes things super clear for people with little programming experience. Thank you, Linton!
Lachezar Petkov
UX designer
Good pace, lots of examples and layman explanations helped me finally understand React. Thank you Linton!
Aida Paul
Product Designer
Linton comes across like a really nice programmer that wants to help us designers.
Lincoln Mitchell
Senior UX Architect
The ability to see visuals that accompany the explanations are beyond helpful.
Anthony Barbato
Lead Product Designer
Thank you for making it so easy to learn 😊
Kaitlyn Vu
UX Designer
I read so many articles about ReactJS, but yours is very understandable because of your simple language.
Masood Sadri
Product Designer

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