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Use local custom fonts, that work in mobile preview


The text tool in Framer X doesn’t yet support custom fonts. We could install the fonts as system fonts, but they wouldn’t show up properly in mobile preview, or when we export the prototype.

We could write a code component that imports the fonts via the @font-face CSS rule.

Key steps

1. Create a code component and install styled-components

yarn add styled-components

2. Put font files into container folder

Optionally we can create a fonts sub-folder inside.

3. Create a global style to import the font files

const GlobalStyle = createGlobalStyle`
  @font-face {
    font-family: Grand-Hotel;
    src: url(${url("fonts/GrandHotel-Regular.otf")}) format("opentype");

Notice here url is imported from framer:

import { url } from "framer/resource";

See this tip for more details.

4. Put <Container /> in render method

<Container {...this.props}>
  <GlobalStyle />

5. Use the new font family and profit!

font-family: Grand-Hotel;

6. Performance considerations

If we put everything above inside a single component, say CustomFontText, we’ll see the text flickering on the canvas when we move things around. This is perhaps because the @font-face elements are frequently removed and added back when there’s an update to the CustomFontText component.

A workaround is to install the fonts in a separate FontManager component and drop the component once on the frame.

It’s an invisible component like this:

font manager

This way, when we update the CustomFontText component, the @font-face elements remain there. This is apparently a hacky solution. I’ll update this post if I find a better one. Comment below if you have any idea!


For better browser support and more details about the @font-face rule, see this page. But at the very least, we can now send previews to clients without worrying about missing fonts!

PS: If you find this tip difficult to understand, check out this course I prepared for you, where concepts are explained in a more digestible way. No programming experience required!

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