Prerequisites for React Essentials For Designers

Resources for picking up some JavaScript, HTML and CSS

February 10, 2018

To make the most of React Essentials For Designers, you should be familiar with HTML/CSS and the basics of JavaScript.

If you are not, don’t worry! I have prepared a free email course that goes through the prerequisite topics of the React course. The topics are hand-picked by me to get you prepared in the shortest time.

It’s a few hours’ work per week and it’d arrive your inbox every Monday for 6 weeks. I find this weekly format works for most people. But you can fast forward or get all the links at once if you want.

  • Week 1: HTML and CSS basics
  • Week 2: Flexbox and terminal
  • Week 3: JavaScript - variables, strings and functions
  • Week 4: JavaScript - logic and if statements
  • Week 5: JavaScript - looping
  • Week 6: JavaScript - arrays and objects

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Linton Ye
Written by Linton Ye

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