Web Fundamentals - Prerequisites for React 101

Resources for picking up some JavaScript, HTML and CSS

To make the most of React 101 For Designers, you should be familiar with HTML/CSS and the basics of JavaScript.

If you are not, don’t worry! I have prepared a free email course that goes through the prerequisite topics of the React course. The topics are hand-picked by me to get you prepared in the shortest time.

It’s a few hours’ work per week and it’d arrive your inbox every Monday for 6 weeks. I find this weekly format works for most people. But you can fast forward or get all the links at once if you want.

  • Week 1: HTML and CSS basics
  • Week 2: Flexbox and terminal
  • Week 3: JavaScript - variables, strings and functions
  • Week 4: JavaScript - logic and if statements
  • Week 5: JavaScript - looping
  • Week 6: JavaScript - arrays and objects

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Some additional resources

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