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Unleash Your Design Superpowers
Aww! The details! All the details are lost! ☹️ You know how much time I've spent on designing this?
Sometimes I feel like the developers hate me. 😢
Take it easy!
Do you want better collaboration with engineers?
Of course! I don't want to be the really annoying designer asking for tweak after tweak.
I want to be able to go into the script and tweak those details myself.
Do you want to take full control of the experiences you design?
I want to learn React to implement my designs the way I envision them.
I need to learn React so I could create and edit perfect design of components by myself, not asking for devs to “move text label on a button by 2 points higher” for instance.
Looks like you need a React course.
Have you done any coding before?
As a lot of designers these days, I use Sketch to design user interfaces. I have enough HTML/ CSS knowledge. I recently started learning javascript after I learned it's the foundation for react.
React Essentials For Designers is a course tailored for designers just like you!

Just Enough JS

I will cover just enough JavaScript concepts to get you started. If you are not familiar with HTML, CSS or JavaScript, check out this page.

Focused On UI

We'll spend a lot of time on learning layouts, styles, animations, design tools and process etc.

Illustrated Explanations

As much as possible, I'll use simple English and illustrations to introduce new concepts and terms.
I read so many articles about ReactJS, but yours is very understandable because of your simple language.

- Masood Sadri, Product Designer

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Thank you for making it so easy to learn 😊

- Kaitlyn Vu, User Experience Designer


Four course modules teach you every aspect of React: the fundamentals, capabilities, limitations and how they relate to design.

Module 1: React 101 For Designers

Available Now

What is React? What are props and state? When to use props and when to use state? How to style a component with CSS, JS and CSS-in-JS? How to create an interactive component? How to create animations?

React101 covers the basics of React and lays a solid foundation for the more advanced modules.

Module 2: React Native 101 For Designers

Available Now

What is React Native? Why is it a big deal? What is a "native" app? How to layout and style components on iOS and Android? How to create native animations with Animated or Lottie? How to manage touch gestures?

RN101 teaches you the basics of React Native, and helps you understand how to build modern, native user interfaces on iOS and Android.

Module 3: React-driven Design Process

Available 2019

Where does React fit in the design process? How to use real data in prototypes? How to use React to create a design system? How to hand off assets that your developers love? How to hand off components, not just assets?

This module explores how React can be used to streamline your design workflow, and improves your collaboration with engineers.

Module 4: Real World React

Available 2019

What is Redux? What is React Router? What is Webpack? How are they related in a project? What are life cycle methods of React? How to build and run an existing project? How to find and style components in it?

This module teaches some more advanced concepts of React, and shows you how to work with a project in a real world setting.

Linton explains concepts and foundamentals very well, makes things super clear for people with little programming experience.

- Lachezar Petkov, UX designer


This course is great at explaining React concepts with visuals.

- Patrick Multani, Product Designer


🔥M1: React 101 For Designers

Available Now!
  • Stream or download 31 lessons, 3.5 hours of videos
  • Exercises and solutions
  • Network with other designers in private Slack
  • Life time access, unlimited updates

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🔥M2: React Native 101 For Designers

Available Now!
  • Stream or download 58 lessons, 7.5 hours of videos
  • Exercises and solutions
  • Network with other designers in private Slack
  • Life time access, unlimited updates

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🔥🔥Both Modules (30%+ OFF!)

Available Now!
  • Includes both M1 and M2. 89 lessons, 11 hours of videos
  • Exercises and solutions
  • Network with other designers in private Slack
  • Life time access, unlimited updates

Appreciate your support!

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If you are not completely satisfied with the courses, you can get 100% refund within 30 days of your purchase. No hard feelings!

Linton comes across like a really nice programmer that wants to help us designers.

- Lincoln Mitchell, Senior UX Architect

Here are just a few things you'll learn to bring your design to life, with your own hands!


  • What are DOM, React and React Native?
  • Components, props and state
  • Making components interactive
  • Relevant ES6 features: constants, arrow functions, class, import/export etc.
  • Setting up a React project from scratch


  • Prototype with React
  • Use real data in prototypes
  • Asset handoff best practices
  • Build a design system with React


  • CSS, inline style and CSS-in-JS
  • Flexbox
  • styled-components
  • Animations and micro-interactions
  • Building Material and iOS UI with React Native


  • React
  • Storybook
  • Expo
  • React Developer Tools
Linton Ye
Hi! I'm Linton!

Super excited to create these courses to help you become a better designer!

I'm a full-stack developer who's learning design. I have 10+ years of experience in mobile, development/design tools and web development. I've been working on React Native since 2015, and building Android apps since 2007 before the first Android phone, HTC G1, was even available. I also contribute to React Navigation project, and write a blog about React.

I love teaching. I've authored a few courses at Treehouse and Lynda. My dark little secret: 😈 creating this course is also my special way to learn all things about design and React -- trying to explain things clearly has taken my understanding of the concepts to a whole new level.

Thrilled to be on this journey with you!

Beebee Ye
Hey! I'm Beebee!

I'm a designer and animator. I draw inspiration from my dream diaries.

In my dreams, I saw mammoths chasing little bears on a circus. I managed to turn missiles launched from North Korea into splendid firework shows. I convinced the Emperor of Qing Dynasty to stop killing. I chatted with Prince Edwards in Chinese. I was left in awe by the weirdly breathtaking scenes made up of lily pads, lotus, water grass and pale dead fish...

What's in your dreams?


Why should a designer learn coding?

I encourage you to check out this post to hear other designers’ opinions.

Learning to code will help you become better at design. Armed with a better understanding of how things work, you will find the communication with developers much more efficient. Your design ideas would be more convincing and more respected. You can even design with code.

New skills you learn will open new doors. Trust me, it will be a new world of creativity!

What are the prerequisites of the course?

This course requires knowledge of JavaScript. If you are new to programming, check out Framer X + React and this page.

What if I am not satisfied?

If you are not completely satisfied with the courses, you can get 100% refund within 30 days of your purchase. No hard feelings!

I have other questions!

Feel free to email me, or tweet at me, anytime!

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