React For Designers
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Aww! The details! All the details are lost! ☹️ You know how much time I've spent on designing this?
Sometimes I feel like the developers hate me. 😢
Take it easy!
Do you want better collaboration with engineers?
and take full control of the experiences you design?
Of course! I don't want to be the really annoying designer asking for tweak after tweak.
I want to be able to go into the script and tweak those details myself, not asking for devs to “move text label on a button by 2 points higher” for instance.
I want to learn React to implement my designs the way I envision them.
I heard you. Have you done any coding before?
As a lot of designers these days, I have enough HTML/ CSS knowledge. I recently started learning JavaScript after I learned it's the foundation for React.
Awesome! I've built these courses for designers just like you. Check them out! 👇
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