Use git to version control a Framer X file

Updated: 2019-01-29


From V15, Framer X supports a format called "Framer X (Folder)" that saves everything into a folder, not a single (zip) file.

We can use Git to manage the versions inside this folder.


Activate "Save As"

Open the "File" menu, and hold the Option key. We'll get a new "Save As" menu item there:

save as

Pick the "Framer X (Folder)" file format

folder format

Use Git

After it's saved, we'll get a new folder with extension .framerfx, though it looks like a file in OS X Finder:

framerfx ext

Framer X automatically generates a .gitignore file inside the folder project.

CD into this folder and use Git to manage the files however you like:

cd ~/Downloads/Untitled.framerfx
git init
git add .
git commit -am 'Initial commit'

And of course, you can put this directory as a subdirectory in your repo, version-controlling the Framer x project along side the rest of your code.