Link to another overlay from an overlay (Attempt 1)

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Updated: 2018-11-19


I’ve made an overlay link. From that overlay, I want to link to another overlay but stay at the same parent page. So basically open an overlay, click on a link to close the overlay and open another overlay.

Ideally, if we could invoke navigation links in a code override, we could easily implement this. Unfortunately I haven't found any way to do it yet.

Here's a way to simulate the desired effect using a navigation link and the Page tool. It's not exactly what's requested, but hopefully it's useful too.

Also, See this tip for another approach that uses animations in code override for a closer simulation.

Key steps

  1. Link to a frame and set the transition to "Overlay"
  2. Put a Page into the linked frame
  3. Connect the page to the desired blue and purple overlays
  4. Use code overrides to switch between two pages

The Page component has a currentPage prop that can be set via Code Override.

export const CurrentPage: Override = () => {
  return {
    currentPage: data.currentPage,



  • Easy implementation, just drag&drop and add a few lines of code


  • Not exactly the requested effect

Source Code

Check out the complete source code here