Framer X in 4 Weeks

Get a head start on Framer X in 4 weeks! No programming experience required!

This course includes carefully curated video tutorials and exercises that prepare you with the fundamentals of JavaScript, React and Framer X.

Take a break from Netflix or video games for a month. Spend 1-2 hours per day, and LEVEL UP! Your future self will thank you! 😘

What you’ll build

What you’ll learn

  • Overcome the initial fear of coding - it’s actually easier than you might think!
  • JavaScript
    • Coding fundamentals
    • Objects, functions, variables, arrays, array destructuring
    • Scope, conditionals
    • Arrow function, ternary operator,
  • React
    • JSX vs. HTML
    • Styling components, the true face of JSX
    • Component composition and communication
    • Hooks
  • Framer X
    • Overrides
    • drag, useAnimation, transform
    • useMotionValue, useTransform, useSpring

How much time you’ll need to commit

Roughly 1-2 hours per day for 4 weeks


Programming experience is NOT required to enter this challenge. Experience in HTML/CSS will be helpful but you don’t need to be an expert.

How is this different from the Starship course?

This course is a subset of the Starship course. I’ve extracted the most fundamental content from the Starship course and adapted it to fit in a 4-week schedule.

Once having a good command of the content in this course, you’ll be well equipped to continue with the Starship course. It’ll be time to learn to create more complex prototypes such as parallax effects, working with data, Framer Motion and SVG animations.

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